Unusual logic of fashion collection

This Montecore collection is the result of my research into uniqueness, for products that stand out alone, not following the usual logic of fashion, both in terms of fashion and style, and of the combination of fine materials with technical waterproof and breathable characteristics.
The results are garments dedicated to men and women with bold characters, who seek details that are able to combine elegance with a casual, relaxed approach. For those who choose refinement with functionality, lightness with performance and an appeal that makes them stand out as much as the clothes they wear.

Standing out is not the aim but the result. Wearing Montecore means wearing a whole world – one created out of details, with expertise, in a style that is inimitable, innate and not constructed. The new Montecore Autumn Winter 15.16 collection stands out for its discreet, natural elegance, but also for its lightness and fit. Wearing irreplaceable garments.

Fabio Peroni