Special interview with Italian premium outer brand Montecore

Founder and CEO Fabio Peroni – Premium Padding / Outer

Montecore’s collection is for people who know how to express their personality and are dressed in something other than fashion. A premium outer for those who recognize the functionality of Montecore and at the same time consider their image and clothing comfort. To this end, Mr. Fabio Feroni, founder and president of Montecore, distinguishes itself from materials to process, detail and cutting-edge technology.

Why do you think Montecore's popularity is soaring?

Because the goods are good! Montecore is a brand that people who buy once repurchase again. Despite the lack of public relations, more and more people are visiting Montecore each year, now in many countries around the world. Personally, I think that’s possible because it’s more positive for customers than anything else.

Please tell me the distinctive features of Montecore.

Montecore produces a combination of traditional tailoring and cutting-edge technology. In addition, a lot of research is carried out through the process of cutting-edge technology, comfortable fit, various functionalities, three-dimensional silhouette. And from the material to the production, even the smallest details, the best choice for the best beauty can be said to be the characteristic of montecore.

I heard that you are actively preparing to enter Asia as well as Europe. I would like to know about Montecore future plans.

First, I want to open many stores in Seoul. In particular, I felt that Dosan Park is so beautiful, and I hope to open a shop here. As for the product-related plan, we will study and make it as comfortable as possible when our customers wear Montecore. In addition, we are working on a project to detect changes in the surroundings and come up with new and innovative designs.
For example, next year, we will show a special collection that combines knit and padding and give points by printing, and then F / W will show a collection using only black color as a black line. I am planning to feel the strong impression and chic of the bad guy, but I can expect it to be an aggressive yet innovative collection.

I introduced you to the collection next season. What do you think is the most important thing when preparing your collection?

here are always four criteria in mind when preparing a collection. Lightness, warmth, functionality and design are paramount and the collections are made accordingly. Above all, it is important to make innovative products that are not found in the existing market, and through many studies, we propose a style that can be worn at any time and under any circumstances with excellent wearing comfort including lightweight, waterproof & windproof functionality.

icona, Wool Jacket

After the interview, Mr. Fabio asked if there were any personally owned merchandise. He chose two items, one of which was the Montecore Aikona Line Wool Jacket for a weekday wear. This product was also recommended by actor Lee Jung-jin who visited the Montecore Shinsegae headquarters pop-up store.

Heritage, Padding Jacket

Fabio’s second personal item is the Heritage Line. Inspired by the 50’s mountaineering suits, the Heritage line was chosen for weekend leisure time. It features a semi-gloss, water-repellent tiger stripe and a combination of classic fabrics such as wool and nylon. The Mutton detail on the neck gives you a warm feeling.

There are a variety of products available, so you can wear it with your brothers, family and friends.

Active, Three Layer Jacket

The jacket of the active line which I chose with the product which I want to recommend to Korean men. Active line’s revolutionary out door look is basically waterproof, breathable, and wind-resistant. Light down on 3 layered fabric, 4 simple pockets and double zipper on the front. Finally, it is an attractive product to the hood which becomes a point.

Down used for Active line is light weight, warm and resistant. It is strictly selected based on these three criteria.


Montecore has four different lines: Icona, Heritage, Active and Urban Men. Before the weather gets colder, let’s take a look at the Montecore, which is comfortable even if you wear it all day long thanks to the combination of traditional tailoring techniques and the production technology of cutting-edge Italian sportswear!