Partenza Notturna

Luca Giovagnoli’s artistic icons.

Overcoat Montecore, checked pattern, alpaca- mohair blend, inside nylon lining, ultra-light padding.

Luca Giovagnoli was born in Rimini in 1963. He began to draw early in his childhood. Following his passion for drawing, he enrolled at the Architecture Faculty in Florence, but he soon felt more attracted by art. He left university and began his career as an artist. He immediately proved extraordinarily successful and at the age of 27 he already set up his first exhibition. Since then he has regularly exhibited his works in Italy and abroad. In 2006 he created the new picture for the “Rimini Manifesto”. In 2009 he took part in “Contemplazioni” (“Contemplations”) curated by Alberto Agazzani. Two years later he exhibited his works at the 54th edition of the Venice Biennale at the Italian Pavillion curated by Vittorio Sgarbi.
One can perceive that painting is a means, a tool to express his way of feeling, of existing. Faces, parts of human bodies, states of mind in the vortex of life, works with a strong energy and considerable emotional impact. Human sensitivity prevails here and colours now become rather “dark as earth”, merely through okra and light blue-grey shades. The works have an intimate, introspective personality. The dominant feature is the deformation of the subject and of some aspects of reality, which

Bomber jacket Montecore, checked pattern, alpaca- mohair blend, nylon lining, ultra-light padding.

emphasizes the emotional and expressive values of the painting. Messages become deep and personal, and colours enrich this feeling. Light is feeble and shadows tower above the whole scene; the representation of our living mixed with allusions to the past, the condemnation of the abyss in which man has fallen and all the icons of the past which represent the longing for values apparently lost.
It reveals itself as an exploding force, which bursts on the canvas almost as if it wanted to challenge and denounce its force in front of the world. Energetic strokes of brush on huge canvas like shouts.
His art is definitely far-reaching. By shifting from sunny colours to darker ones, leaving the attention for details to search for the essence, tenaciously believing in art and using art to manifest his feeling, Giovagnoli has reached an important place in the world of contemporary art.

  1. Partenza notturna – 2015 oil on paper 135×165 cm
  2. Rimase sola – 2016 oil on paper 70×80 cm
  3. Gentlemen – 2015 oil on paper 70×80 cm
  4. Sono con te – 2016 oil on paper 80×120 cm