Goose-Tecno Light weight weater

The Summer collection for the Montecore man has been achieved by trying to find our equilibrium. The shapes of the garments accentuate the male shape, are enhanced by small squares, oblique lines and textures that evoke the unmistakable Montecore style. When choosing our materials this stylistic type of research enhances our garments, by giving them an elegant, technical edge and style. We have used materials like bi stretch and others which offer performance capabilities such as, ultra breathable, waterproof and wind-breaker, ultra soft feather down and an exclusive brand called Protector of Olmetex. We bring to life sober and soft colours throughout this collection. THIS WAS THE CLOSEST I COULD GET TO. It is a bit of a contrast in english!! I thought of long summer days and a man who can go about his day with a carefree, lively manner and a self confidence that allows him to choose when to be extremely elegant or sporty.

Fabio Peroni

Lightweight sweater, as outerwear interpretation of cardigans and sweaters with the classic “v” necks and round neck, becomes the real must have of this collection, the informal and always impeccable style of the first fifties ivy leagues upper class. Fleece and knitted rims are always perfectly matched with nylon in neutral colours such as grey, beige, white and navy blue, that combined with the ultra soft down makes these garments transpiring and ultra light.