Cortina d’Ampezzo, the Queen of the Dolomities

In Cortina time goes by in a different way. When you disconnect your mind from its boring routine, snowy valleys open up which allow you to keep on thinking for hours. The ideal beauty of this place is still in the sensitive hearts that have grasped its value. The Dolomite stones define the skyline in the horizon. Beauty is everywhere, light creates shapes, chooses the colours for the Autumn trees, where quietness is heard in the earth, in the crackling leaves shaken by the wind. The Ajal lake is like an oil painting with real colours, in the soft ripples created by the leaves and trunks in the water. Those who visit Cortina are looking for a dream of beauty, and this beauty must be experienced and observed in depth.

From the 1956 Winter Olympic Games to the 2019 Alpine Ski World Cup.
The Queen of the Dolomites gives it another try and applies to host a new world championship. The connection with the past and the olimpic glory is ever-lasting. The ski slope that will be created on the South-Western side of the mountain Col Drusciè will be dedicated to Tony Sailer, the undisputed champion in the 1956 Olympic Games. The opening ceremony of the 2019 World Cup will be held at the Olympic Ice Stadium which hosted the opening ceremony of the 1956 Olympic Games.

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It becomes a search for a piece of heaven among peaks that protect one from the existential vacuum of a less humane world.
Cortina has the merit of making one happy both during the day and at the night, from the dawn that colours the mountains in pink to the rose- coloured rocks at sunset, with the downhill runs in the ski slope or the quiet hiking with snowshoes in the woods, the elegant clubs at night after enjoying a delicious dinner. Time in this magic place is worth a little joy and teaches how one can reason and appreciate what one maybe runs the risk of losing in everyday life.